The Watches Market a Unique & Distinctive store.
We own the largest collection of Rare & Antique watches in Dubai.
We buy and sell rare watches made by Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Panerai and other universal brands…
The Watches Market specializes in selling Discontinued watches that manufacturers stop producing and no longer available for purchase. International brands such as Tag Heuer, DKNY, Rolex and others stopped producing specific models that we have in our store, and that makes our collection very unique.
The Watches Market is the only store in Dubai dedicated to buying celebrities watches such as Michael Schumacher, Paul Newman, Ayrton Senna, Barakelo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others…
We highly support some Collectors’ devotion to exchange rare watches and promotes the preservation of these valuable and exotic icons.
We understand the need of many Collectors who wish not to sell their watches in exchange for currency, but in exchange for better and more distinctive watches.
Looking forward to welcome U in our store.

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